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So, it looks like you’re curious about what Pikkant is all about?

Let me quickly introduce myself so you get an idea about who’s behind Pikkant.

My name is Romy and I’m originally from Germany. I came to Australia a few years ago.

In Germany, savoury, vegetable spread is quite a thing. I am also a huge fan.

And that’s why Pikkant was founded. Like many businesses before it, Pikkant was founded out of a lack of something. In this case, healthy and tasty bread topping.

So, what’s special about Pikkant bread spread?

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The obvious reason, ..

.. it's super yummy.

But the best thing, ..

.. it's additive and sugar-free.

You might also love ..

.. how it can save you time prepping your lunch on days you just don’t feel like pre-cooking.

Plus, ..

.. the versatility of Pikkant spreads is amazing.

We have compiled a few serving suggestions and recipe ideas here to get you inspired.

Experiment for yourself using Pikkant in your savoury dishes for that extra flavour boost and to change your dishes up.

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Tell me about the good and not so good. I want you to be 100% happy with Pikkant.

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